Selikoff study proved link between asbestos, mesothelioma in 1964

Asbestos is still not completely banned in the United States. It can still be found in a great number of products. WHY?

Asbestos industry documents from as early as 1924 indicate that manufacturers knew there was a danger to workers who inhaled asbestos fibers.

Then in 1953, Dr. Irving Selikoff, a pulmonary specialist, began studying the link between asbestos exposure and lung disease. He noted a much higher percentage of lung disease among workers who inhaled asbestos fibers. Selikoff’s groundbreaking findings about of the occupational danger of asbestos expsoure was published in 1964.

And yet, it wasn’t unitl the mid-1970s that asbestos use was widely banned, and even today, its use is not completely banned.

Selikoff hoped his findings would make the future brighter for workers, protecting them from such devastating illnesses as those suffered by the generations who had come before.  Sadly, Selikoff passed away in 1992, before ever seeing asbestos eliminated in America, or seeing the threat of mesothelioma become a thing of the past.

With such clear evidence of the link between asbestos and mesothelioma, why is this still even a question??

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